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Lawn Treatments

Our Standard Service with each visit is as follows:

Professional Fertilization: We use slow-release, granular fertilizers specifically chosen for Austin’s high alkaline soil. No matter what kind of turf or lawn conditions you have, we have a fertilizer that can handle it.

Courteous Cleanup: All fertilizer applications are immediately followed by blowing off all sidewalks and driveways near your lawn, leaving your residence as clean, if not cleaner, than when we arrived.

Customer Preference and Choice: Along with our high-grade granular fertilizers, we offer the choice of organic fertilizers upon request.

Weed, Disease & Turf Damaging Insect Control: We apply high quality granular products not only because they yield fantastic results, but also because they are as child and pet friendly as possible. Yet sometimes it is necessary to use a liquid product to target a specific area of your lawn or turf with special needs (e.g. weed, bug, disease). These liquids also yield excellent results and only require 1 to 2 hours (after application) before your lawn is safe to walk and play on again.

And don't forget...we offer the following quality services:

Aerations Done Right: Aeration is one of the most important things you can do for your lawn! Not only does it break up soil compaction, allowing water and nutrients to drain to the root zone more efficiently, but it also fights thatch build-up (reducing disease and insect activity). Your lawn will absorb more during watering, and you will experience less wasted water from run off, over the curb and down the drain!

Ultimate Fire Ant Control: Top Choice can be applied at any time of year but for best results, apply the granules in Spring of the year of Autumn. Spring time is the best for optimal control. As with any long-term ant control product, your best results will be seen by applying the product just prior to the ants most active period or at first sign of infestation. During hot summer months fire ants are visible and are indeed active. We offer a one-time application of a professional product called “TopChoice”.

This Service is guaranteed to control fireants for one full year

Disease Prevention Service: We always spot-treat for disease during our standard fertilization application, but sometimes it is necessary to apply a blanket protection over the whole lawn. We recommend this extra preventive treatment if disease is covering more than 20% of the lawn or during cool and excessively wet weather conditions.

Grubworm Prevention Treatment: We believe grubworm “preventatives” are necessary for ALL turf types because they require a long time to recover from the effects of grubworms. If you leave your lawn untreated, grubworms can and will destroy it completely.

Grubs are the white, worm-like larvae members of the scarab beetle family. They live underground and eat the roots of plants. Unfortunately, your lawn is one of their favorite meals. Patches of lawn that have turned brown might be signs of a grub invasion. If you can easily pull up the dead turf, you've probably got grubs.

Although you are more likely to see the damage grubs do in the spring, they most voracious in the fall. In addition to damaging your lawn themselves, they often attract predators such as skunks and moles, which will dig holes in your perfect sod as they look for dinner. Here's how to assess your lawn's grub risks and how to minimize the damage.

Counting Your Grubs Before They Hatch

To figure out if grubs are a problem in your lawn, you should do a quick estimate of their density in the late summer. Take samples from several areas around your yard using a bulb planter. Dump the cores of dirt you remove with the bulb planter out onto a flat surface and count any grubs you see. You can estimate that the bulb planter gathers approximately one-tenth of a square foot of lawn, so you can figure out the total number of grubs in a square foot by multiplying your count by ten. If you are consistently finding over ten grubs per square foot of lawn, you should consider your treatment options.

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