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Tractor Mowing & Land Clearing

VACANT LOTS - ACREAGE - RIGHT OF WAYS "Stay ahead of City Code Enforcement"

Locally owned and operated, Douglas Landscapes specializes in large acreage mowing up to 200 acres. You can hire us for a 1-time mow or we can maintain your property long-term. Monthly, Bi-monthly or "As Needed", We can help!

Tractor used for mowing large lots
Small bulldozer used for land clearing services.
Douglas Landscapes clearing lot Blue tractor used from clearing lots for development Large mowing tractor

Services include:

  • Vacant Lots for developers, Ranches, Farms, HOAs
  • Commercial and Residential
  • City and County Contracts
  • Trimming around obstacles, ditches & boulders if needed
  • Tree removal and Haul-off available
  • Also available as sub-contractor to other landscape companies

Rates are going to vary depending on size of property, location of the job, height of the growth and lay of the land. However, we promise to offer you an extremely fair rate.

Serving Austin and Surrounding Counties.

We can usually get to your job within 48 hours.